Descriptions of the Sensation Extraverted Type can be found under different names in different typological models:
• Choleric temperament – Waldorf pedagogy
• Mars - planetary typology
Artisans – David Keirsey
Warrior, Amazon, Queen – female archetypes
• Type 8 – Enneagram
• Type Se – Carl Jung

✅ Choleric temperament 

• Choleric temperament by Rev Bowen – Waldorf pedagogy - Simply Waldorf

With a fiery will, the choleric temperament wants to take charge of situations and to lead groups toward a goal--that "goal" being the choleric's vision or solution. It does not need to hear everyone else's ideas. It does not need to spend time away from the world in contemplation. It is aimed at action and once it has seen a goal, whether it is a tug-of-war game or to summit Denali, it sets all its efforts an achieving it and will doggedly adhere to this goal, persevering through great hardships if needed. After all, such challenges only reveal the great power and virtue of such a being. The choleric temperament will speak its mind, sometimes with painful and unsympathetic candor. It will not even consider backing down from confrontations, and sometimes seeks them with relish. The choleric finishes every task, usually as fast as possible. Was it the wisest course of action? The choleric does not take the time to consider this for there are now other tasks and the choleric struggles when idle. It feels that time is lost, that one is only worth what one does. 

Much of this picture above is an immature version. 

The mature choleric is a true leader. It sees the vision, and even allows for input and buy-in from the group. It allows time for contemplation so that we work "smarter not harder", but it does not allow for contemplations to lead to inactivity. It does not allow for the group process to supersede the need to actually accomplish the goals at hand. The choleric can pull others along and indeed blaze the path. It never sees obstacles, only the next challenge. It relishes the idea that there are things to be overcome. It sees that when we face obstacles together, we not only become stronger individually, but as a community. The choleric, fully matured, puts all of its fiery power and will into service, balanced between self and others. This is the one who would not let you give up on some dream. This is the one who volunteers at the community soup kitchen. 

• Choleric temperament by Rebecca Altman

Cholerics move forward facing everything in their path with a passion, bravery and intensity that ignites the world around them. Cholerics can be combative. They love a challenge and to push forwards against resistance. When they meet it, they get to summon that inner fire to push through it, and it is when they feel this fire that they feel the most alive… To those who are not choleric, this constant pushing can feel aggressive. 

Where others spend time researching, make sure that all the pieces are in place before embarking on something new, cholerics start first and figure it out later… they need to be doing something, a project, always, or they will languish…  Cholerics do not do very well with being still for long periods of time, and often need a lot of physical activity, as well as to be progressing towards things... Holding a choleric back from their course, stopping them moving, they start to self-combust from within… Picture a cheetah with its prey in sight, as it bends its legs to launch itself forwards, and then someone slaps a leash on it so that it can’t release all that energy.

In balance: 
-The in balance choleric is enthusiastic and driven. Inspiring to those around them, and generally helping to move projects forward. 
-Incredibly encouraging, if you take an idea to them they’ll help you run with it, provide feedback and ideas to help make it better.
Out of balance: 
-Will become extremely combative in arguments. 
-Can be incredibly bossy.
-The need to be doing something can get out of control, instead of taking necessary down-time in between projects, the imbalanced choleric will constantly be working towards bigger and bigger things.

*     *     *

✅ Mars - planetary typology - anthroposophical view

Mars is obviously as strong as an oak in his will power. He is a fighter and will fight for his ideas either physically or verbally. You can picture the past with hordes of Mongols hurtling across the plains wildly overrunning all opposition. Energy in times of peace must be used to construct something with. Mars is a builder, dynamic, mobile, enthusiastic. He looks for projects and throws himself into them completely. He does not understand when others do not work with the same unrelenting fire. With his enthusiasm he often gets people to do things they did not know they could do.
Problems are made to be solved. Because Mars is a short term thinker he solves problems in the present and near future. There are too many things to be done right now. The future can take care of itself. Philosophers are daydreamers to him; they do nothing practical.

His feelings can change quickly according to mood. He is straight-forward and impulsive. Quick to fury, quickly back to working with enthusiasm - like on the planet Mars there are sudden ferocious sandstorms which end as quickly.

*     *     *

✅ Artisans – David Keirsey "Please Understand Me II", 1998.

Artisans see themselves, and wish to be seen by others, as bold, daring, venturesome — audacious… They need to be potent, to be felt as a strong presence, and they want to affect the course of events. Artisans hunger to have a piece of the action, to make a splash, to make something happen, to hit the big time, whether in the world of art or corporate business, on the battlefield or ball field, on stage or in the political arena. This is why so many professional politicians are Artisans: the world of politics allows not only for maneuvering, excitement, and risk — but for powerful social impact. 

Artisans do not care to take tickets at the gate, or sit in the bleachers, or referee the game. They must be in the game, at the very center of things where the action is… To an Artisan, there's no time like the present, so we'd better make the most of it, better seize the day, strike while the iron is hot… Oblivious to the past and the future, they can concentrate all their powers on a clear and present opportunity… However, there's a price to pay for living so intently in the moment. Since Artisans do not reflect very much on their errors or analyze their mistakes to any great extent.

Of all the styles Artisans are best able to respond quickly and flexibly to a changing environment… This is why Artisans work so well in a crisis; new situations demand new actions, and earlier commitments often have to be abandoned — with regret, perhaps, but still abandoned. Today is today, and yesterday's arrangements must give way in the face of more urgent demands.

Artisans spend a good deal of their time seeking stimulation because they need it. As much as possible, they live in their five senses, and they seem to like their music a little louder than the other types, their clothes a little more colorful, and their food and drink a little stronger.

Artisans are impulsive. They like being that way. To be impulsive, spontaneous, is to be really alive... Artisans are the world's great risk-takers... Action cannot be saved for tomorrow. For Artisans, to wait is psychological death, no matter how dangerous the action... Artisans, of all the types, are most likely to answer the call to wander, and they can sever social or family ties more easily than others. The Artisan can abruptly abandon either an activity or a relationship, walking away without a backward glance.

*     *     *

✅ Warrior, Amazon, Queen – female archetypes

• The Warrior - female archetype by Chantelle Raven

The Warrior Woman archetype is independent and self-contained and highly capable of making her way in the world. She is focused, ambitious, assertive, goal-oriented and self-sufficient. She relates to the men in her life as companions, co-workers and allies. Whilst tribe and community are important to her, she is also quite content to be on her own. She will always gravitate towards professions that enable her to be autonomous and not have to answer to anyone. She seeks her own counsel, often dedicating her life to a cause that she is very passionate about. She is grounded and connected to her own source of power. She claims her space in the world with confidence and with an air of sovereignty, trusting herself completely. Her no’s are honored with the same ease as her yes’s. She does not need to explain herself nor does she complain. She is not interested in being a people pleaser or a victim. She does not need a man, she is whole unto herself yet she welcomes those who serve an authentic purpose in her life. She can take care of herself physically.
She will not stand for anyone putting her down, disrespecting her or her loved ones, humiliating her or trying to make her subservient.
Warrior Dark Shadow:  intimidating, critical, judgmental toward weakness in others, quick to anger, bossy. She can also keep others at an emotional distance with her powerful air of authority.
Warrior Wound: Her heart. Her strong masculine can conceal her vulnerability and make it difficult for her to be in her feminine.

*     *     *

✅ Type Sensation Extraverted – Carl Gustav Jung "Psychological Types", 1921.

No other human type can equal the extraverted sensation-type in realism… His life is an accumulation of actual experience with concrete objects.
His aim is concrete enjoyment, and his morality is similarly orientated. … It by no means follows that he is just sensual or gross, for he may differentiate his sensation to the finest pitch of aesthetic purity without being the least unfaithful, even in his most abstract sensations, to his principle of objective sensation.

Upon the lower levels this is the man of tangible reality, with little tendency either for reflection or commanding purpose. To sense the object, to have and if possible to enjoy sensations, is his constant motive… He has no ideals related to ideas — he has, therefore, no sort of ground for maintaining a hostile attitude towards the reality of things and facts.

But the more sensation predominates, so that the sensing subject disappears behind the sensation, the more unsatisfactory does this type become. Either he develops into a crude pleasure-seeker or he becomes an unscrupulous, designing sybarite. Although the object is entirely indispensable to him, yet, as something existing in and through itself, it is none the less depreciated. It is ruthlessly violated and essentially ignored, since now its sole use is to stimulate sensation. 
When his attitude reaches an abnormal one-sidedness, he is in danger of falling just as deeply into the arms of the unconscious as he consciously clings to the object.

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