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About Us

Andrii Zabava

Anzhelika Zabava - researcher and consultant in personal developing from Lviv, Ukraine. In 2003, she received a certificate of Specialist in Psychiatry from Lviv Medical University. She uses different approaches in her work: Psychosynthesis, Typology, NLP. Her work is focused on enabling people to discover their deep resources and to walk the path of personal change. Anzhelika spent several years working as Socionics Master Practitioner. She is co-founder of Typosynthesis approach.

Psyholistic Approach

Psyholistic approach explores and unfold various dimensions of the person's life - social, psychical (soul) and spiritual. We believe in the human ability to move towards integrity and that everyone can walk this path. We hope, you will find in our lessons useful knowledge and skills on this path.

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