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For each of the eight types Carl Jung identified several levels of psychological harmony-disharmony and noted, what neurosis is inherent to this or that type, and also described destructive behavior of a type in the lower levels. (More on this here >>>)

Modern researchers distinguish six levels of psychological harmony (from total harmony to strong disharmony, from balance to imbalance):
1 - PUEST MANIFESTATION OF FUNCTION - manifestation of the type integrally and without distortions due to the process of individuation.
2 - SOCIAL ROLE - a person's strengths resonate with the corresponding demand from society.
3 - NEUROTIC ROLE - a person wants to be useful to society with its strengths, and in return expects support for one’s self-esteem.
4 - MANIPULATION - Through manipulation, a person tries to shake out desirable behavior from people in order to support one’s self-esteem.
5 - AGGRESSIVE IMPOSITION - forcibly dragging others into one's destructive scenario.
6 - SELF-DESTRUCTIVE DISAPPOINTMENT - the loss of hope that someone will support his or her self-esteem. Disappearance of any goals and motivations.

The level descriptions apply equally to both men and women.

Se   ---   Si   ---   Fe   ---   Fi   ---   Te   ---   Ti   ---   Ne   ---   Ni

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Se type - Sensation Extraverted

SENSING Extraverted type focuses on physical reality, is well versed in the world of material objects, confidently makes his way in the physical world, is practical and pragmatic, characterized by high physical activity, independence, decisive overcoming of obstacles, inclination to confront and to lead others.

As the Se type moves through the levels of harmony, his behavior changes to the opposite.

While the harmonious type Se upholds justice, protects the weak and has a high level of self-control, the unbalanced type Se intimidates the weak, seizes other people's property and follows his instincts.

Let's consider in detail the most vivid manifestations of Se type at different levels of harmony.

1 HELMSMAN - Destroys old outdated systems to prepare for the building of a new and better one. Overthrows oppressors. Takes on difficult challenging goals, has a large-scale vision. Translates strong innovative ideas into real form. Able to rally large groups of people around a certain goal, to direct one’s own and others' will in a certain direction, to lead to a common goal. Truthful and absolutely fearless. His will is subordinate to the Supreme Will.

2 PROTECTOR – Focused and determined, always ready for action. In crisis situations keeps calm, takes control and responsibility for others, protects the weak. Fearless, boldly moves forward, easily oriented in a new territory, well assesses the balance of power, quickly takes a leading position in a new environment. Realizes the interests of different social groups (sections of the population, community, corporation or his clan), provides them with resources and protection from external threats. He is not afraid of consequences and does not pay attention to gossip.

3 DETERMINED - Determined and bold, acts confidently in the physical realm, loves challenges and resistance, acts impulsively, without hesitation, without thinking the consequences through, is ready to take risks. Seeks to take charge of situations and to lead others, takes initiative, helps to move projects forward. He does not do very well with being still for long periods of time or staying in a closed space. His energy needs an outlet. Able to respond quickly and flexibly to a changing environment, so he works well in a crisis, likes to solve urgent situations. Instantly reacts to any provoking stimuli, can quickly swing from composure to fury and back again.

4 LASCIVIOUS - Develops into a crude pleasure-seeker, freely follows his instincts and physical impulses, needs immediate satisfaction of his desires, seeks to own objects on a physical level, squeezes the maximum out of them to stimulate his sensations. Experiences anger and inferiority if it is not possible to quickly take possession of the desired object. Interested only in material things. Becomes an unscrupulous, designing sybarite, lustful, lecherous and insatiable. Can be blinded by jealousy. Money and power give him the opportunity to possess what he wants.

5 DICTATOR - Tyranny, forceful retention of power, psychological and physical violence. All problems are solved by force. He strives to subjugate as many people as possible and seize more territories. He loves the feeling of dominance and the ability to own whatever he wants. Avoids weakness and vulnerability, so as not to lose control and power, not to become dependent on others. Cruel, aggressive, vengeful. Bullies the weaker into submission. Takes pleasure in others pain and humiliation. Sees himself as outlaw.  

6 SAVAGE - Flout social customs and authorities, will not allow anyone to control himself. Trusts no one, relies only on himself. He is constantly in tension, always expecting an attack and ready to strike back, acts in advance. For no apparent reason, he can get into a towering rage and swing his fists. Can go to open provocations and create dangerous situations in the right place. His life scenario is a struggle for survival and protection from a dangerous world.

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