Descriptions of the Sensation Extraverted Type can be found under different names in different typological models:
• Choleric temperament – Waldorf pedagogy
• Mars - planetary typology
Artisans – David Keirsey
Warrior, Amazon, Queen – female archetypes
• Type 8 – Enneagram
• Type Se – Carl Jung

✅ Choleric temperament 

• Choleric temperament by Rev Bowen – Waldorf pedagogy - Simply Waldorf

With a fiery will, the choleric temperament wants to take charge of situations and to lead groups toward a goal--that "goal" being the choleric's vision or solution. It does not need to hear everyone else's ideas. It does not need to spend time away from the world in contemplation. It is aimed at action and once it has seen a goal, whether it is a tug-of-war game or to summit Denali, it sets all its efforts an achieving it and will doggedly adhere to this goal, persevering through great hardships if needed. After all, such challenges only reveal the great power and virtue of such a being. The choleric temperament will speak its mind, sometimes with painful and unsympathetic candor. It will not even consider backing down from confrontations, and sometimes seeks them with relish. The choleric finishes every task, usually as fast as possible. Was it the wisest course of action? The choleric does not take the time to consider this for there are now other tasks and the choleric struggles when idle. It feels that time is lost, that one is only worth what one does.